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Topic:   TIME OUTS

By: Frank LucePosted on: Nov 5 2021 at 12:45:50 PM
While opening or opening a new tab we are getting time out messages that say to contact MiniMRP.
We have been getting the circle of death for some time and it has just started to go to time out with the message
we art currently at Version

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 6 2021 at 10:26:42 AM
I assume you're running over a network? Maybe WIFI? What kind of database is it? JET (default) or SQL?

By: Frank LucePosted on: Nov 7 2021 at 10:45:23 AM
The Data Base is a SQL, over a network on a 1G internet hard line (no WIFI)

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 11 2021 at 06:10:18 AM
I can't think why this would happen with an SQL Server. Both MSSQL and MySQL/MariaDB perform very well even over slow networks. So I don't think it's a network issue.

Is your server an actual Windows computer? Could you run MiniMRP on that machine locally and see how it performs?

Or is it a NAS box?

Is that circle of death, as you call it, there every time you query the database? Or does it just appear occasionally after which the system works OK for a while - till it happens again?

If it's intermittent then is it possible that the drive is spinning down? Device gone to sleep or something like that and once it's awake everything runs OK for a while?

I know my post is all questions and no answers but, as you can see, I'm clutching at straws here just trying to give you some ideas of what 'might' be the cause.

By: Frank LucePosted on: Nov 11 2021 at 03:32:56 PM
Thanks for the feed back. we are using AWS to house the database, and it now looks like we are have Memory issues concerning swap out and my have to purchase additional Memory.

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