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Upgrading to MiniMRP v5.

MiniMRP standard edition and a default installation of MiniMRP Pro will both use the default/built-in 'MS JET' database. In either case upgrading to v5. from v3, v4 is simply a case of backing up your data using the older version of MiniMRP. Installing v5 and then, within v5, restoring the backup file you made earlier.

You can then ignore the rest of this page.


The options below are only relevant if you're upgrading to MiniMRP v5 Professional Edition and MS SQL Server, MySQL or MariaDB Server.


Click here if you already have SQL Server running with the MiniMRP database and you just need to connect the MiniMRP desktop application to that server. For example when adding an additional MiniMRP users to an existing server.

Click here if creating a fresh/empty install on SQL Server (ie don't have or don't want to restore a backup from a previous installation.

Click here if upgrading from a previous version of MiniMRP to v5 Professional Edition on SQL Server.
(also use this option if migrating a Non-SQLServer database up to SQL Server)